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Welcome to the OFFICIAL Bacon site!

You've eaten it with eggs. You've eaten it with salad. But have you eaten it while watching it?!?!

Didn't think so. Well with this kind of Bacon, you will want to keep on watching more! AnD MORE AND MORE! AND MORE! Bacon in the evening, Bacon in the morning, Bacon at suppertime. When Bacon's on the TV, you can have Bacon anytime.
Well Hope you enjoy the official Bacon site, and I'll be updating frequently hopefully!
      Talk to everyone later, Mucho love from the skillet,

Bacon shirt 1
All American Bacon
Thought it was a neat idea

Bacon Shirt 2
Bud did this Bacon
Haha I started out making this one and said to myself, thatd be kind of funny.

Band Shirt
Ok, this is really just a T-Shirt for the band, But what do you think of it anyways?!

2.11.04 UPDATE!
HEY BACON VIEWERS! Sorry I havent updated in forever!?! Nothing really exciting is happening. I got a new video up though. You can check that out, its really funny! Ok I'm designing some logos for the shirt.. Leave me a message about which ones are cool, or not!! :-D HAPPY BACON VIEWING!!
Lyn the womyn....

Updated 12.20.03

Hello Bacon fans. Ok. So maybe you're not. Like we have fans or anything. Yea right. Its KT & Lin-Z here. Today is Saturday. Thursday was Katie's birthday and Wednesday is Lindsey's! Well Dan has been put back in the credits as of the 4th episode. Which we are not complete with.
     Don't miss the Christmas episode. It'll be EXCITING!! Yay! Welp That's all for today. Have a good one.
    Grease from the Skillet,
        Lin & Kate

Update 12.4.03

It is with sadness that I report that we have booted Dan from the credits. It was sad. And I am sorry. But he's not been around a lot lately. And like he's taking up new hobbies. So I wish him the best of luck with his clarinet in marching band!!
       That is all for now. Peace from the skillet,


Image is Unavailable (MAN THAT SUCKS!)
Ok this is just some plain ol' BACON. Check out real frames from Bacon at the photos page!

tick tock tick tock tick tock.